ShopExp Receives Prestigious Nominations in the Best In-Store Technology Solution and Best Omni-Channel Solution

ShopExp is delighted to be part of Nora’s Solution Partner Awards 2022, the fourth annual Australia’s Retail Solution Partner Awards that brings together the ecosystem of “solutions” to celebrate and recognize partnership accomplishments in the retail industry.

We’ve been nominated for not only one but two prestigious awards for successfully implementing a mobile body measuring solution in Tailored Brands stores and improving the shopping experience for both the retailer’s customers and sales representatives.

Entering the Solution Partner Awards, ShopExp has the opportunity to highlight the latest, impressive collaborations and the ongoing support provided to stores.

As a passionate advocate of using experiential shopping to close the gap between online and offline retailing, ShopExp had made a meaningful impact over the years, reducing returns by providing the ideal product through Virtual TryOn.

ShopExp’s Award Winning Solutions

Instore Smart Mirror

The Smart Mirror is an Augmented Reality fitting room, that uses photorealistic virtual clothing, accessories, makeup, and footwear that instantly displays styles for all body types. This smarter way of shopping also allows stores to showcase new collections or products out of stock, without the wait time. With a full HD display and touchscreen capabilities

Online Virtual TryOn

The digital version of an in-store dressing room, where customers can try on a product virtually to visualize how it may look on their bodies, and evaluate features such as color, pattern, and style before purchasing.

3D Model Viewer


A free and open-source web solution to visualize and explore 3D models right in your browser.

ShopExp’s Augmented Reality products and solutions have wide applications in many industries like beauty, furniture, jewelry, eyewear, and many more.

Being nominated for Best In-Store Technology Solution and Best Omni-Channel Solution this year 2022 is another remarkable accomplishment, and winning the awards will be a significant milestone in ShopExp’s retail history.

We will always be grateful for your votes, which will help us win the two prestigious awards this year.

The 4th Nora’s Solution Partner Awards 2022 voting is now open. Visit our entry and cast your votes here.

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