How a Leading Fashion Retailer Thrives with ShopExp Technology


  • Explore how the service quality of brick-and-mortar clothing retail chains can be improved using innovative technology such as ShopExp Smart Mirrors from ShopExp Technology.
  • The results show a positive relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction, and the use of ShopExp Technology.
  • The study develops a new framework that integrates ShopExp Technology with the traditional in-store transaction processes such as Afterpay using ShopExp Smart Mirrors.


As the digitalization of businesses continues to change customers’ purchasing habits, brick-and-mortar retail SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are confronted with unprecedented challenges. The proliferation of e-commerce and digital businesses is not only changing the rules of business but disrupting them by introducing new possibilities, especially with the integration of new technology.

In this article, the concept of so-called ‘Smart Digital Stores’ is seen as one promising way to breathe new life into traditional clothing retail. By implementing new smart and digital tools into stationery shopping surroundings such as ShopExp Smart Mirrors, fashion retailers could be enabled to create ‘new’ and unique shopping experiences to – in fact – keep contact with pure and part online competitors.

Afterpay Re-shaping the Future of Retail Stores with ShopExp Smart Mirrors

Afterpay Limited is an Australian financial technology company best known for its buy now, pay later service. Afterpay is fully integrated with all your favorite stores. Shop as usual, then choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout.

Afterpay's new Edit Collection phy-gital retail concept store

Sydney resortwear brand Bondi Born showcased in Afterpay’s new Edit Collection phy-gital retail concept store at Sydney’s Chatswood Chase shopping mall.

Afterpay is coming for the phy-gital retail arena.

Afterpay has partnered with the Australian Fashion Council and Vicinity Centres to bring an exciting new retail concept store called the Edit Collection – an exciting physi-digital retail experience. It has debuted at Chatswood Chase Sydney, with a stellar partnership between Vicinity Centres, the Australian Fashion Council (AFC), and Afterpay.

One of the most innovative parts of the Afterpay new retail store is the Smart Mirror in the changing rooms. Designed by Simon Molnar (Afterpay co-founder Nick Molnar’s brother), the mirror aims to bring the tech enjoyed by online stores to a physical store.

According to Simon Molnar, “The bigger picture is to take it global. We want to be the backbone of brick-and-mortar retail across the world. We want every decision that that physical retailer makes to be using our technology to make that decision. It’s about creating as many data points as possible for retailers so that they can really work and operate at maximum efficiency to achieve the best results possible.”

smart mirror technology inside a changing room in Afterpay’s Edit Collection retail pop-up in Sydney

Olivia Calabio interacting with smart mirror technology inside a changing room in Afterpay’s Edit Collection retail pop-up in Sydney.

Afterpay’s first retail store has showcased an interactive changing room mirror – a smart mirror from ShopExp Technology.

The ShopExp’s Smart Mirror is an Augmented Reality fitting room, that uses photorealistic virtual clothing, accessories, makeup, and footwear that instantly displays styles for all body types. This smarter way of shopping also allows stores to showcase new collections or products out of stock, without the wait time. With a full HD display and touchscreen capabilities, ShopExp gives your customers a shopping experience they won’t want to forget.

Let ShopExp’s award-winning Virtual & Augmented Reality solutions help make your vision become reality.


An Evolving Concept Store

Sleek, simple, and devastatingly stylish, the boutique shopping experience at Edit Collection combines tech and fashion in the most remarkable ways.

As part of the innovative e-tail experience, expect shoppable Smart Mirrors from ShopExp where you can browse alternative and related products, and gesture-controlled screens to shoot and share selfies from the change rooms.

According to Kirsty Ghahramani, Afterpay’s director of in-store said that the use of technology in this concept store was “crucial” and the fitting rooms were the perfect place for it.

“There’s no better space than the fitting room,” she said.

“We’ve really been able to bring in technology in this space so that we can actually have those interactive mirrors within the fitting room with gesture features so that you can really be able to have a look at the different collections on the mirrors.”

The ShopExp technology recognizes when products are brought into the changing room and let customers see detailed information about them including sizes and fabric.

No more guessing! ShopExp delivers the world’s first virtual fitting room that provides every customer with an accurate size recommendation and an engaging try-on experience tailored to their unique body shape and appearance.

Experience ShopExp VirtualTryOn

The fitting rooms will also feature gesture-controlled screens equipped with cameras that allow customers to shoot and share selfies.

fitting room

According to, Corrine Barchanowicz, Vicinity Centres Head of Brand and Experience “There’s no doubt omnichannel retailing has helped Australian fashion brands navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and we know customers are now craving the connection and experience that comes with shopping in-person.” She added, “The Edit Collection presents a way for online brands to dip their toe in the water of physical retail and build customer relationships.”

Sustainability and Style

The fashion pop-up marries style and sustainability as it brings emerging brands to the shop floor for the first time ever, with each brand hosted in an immersive and experiential retail space. This will provide a blueprint for online brads looking to build connections with customers.


The future of fashion is the ability to shop IRL at a retail store with expected smart mirrors is the boost that emerging brands need to thrive.

The use of technology-enhanced service quality influenced customer satisfaction. There was a positive relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction, and the use of ShopExp Technology like ShopExp Smart Mirrors.

The contribution of this study lies in the development of a new framework that integrates ShopExp Technology with traditional in-store transaction processes, resulting in improvements in service delivery and managerial practices of the offline clothing retail service providers. The study concludes that embracing ShopExp Technology can help provide high-quality service, creating value for customers.
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