Trying on costumes is fun for some and a nightmare for others because you just don’t really know what you want. Each change can take 10-15 minutes with some costumes due to all the pieces, accessories and parts to the costumes. Smart mirrors just make sense in being a technology that will help customer consider a large variety of costumes without putting them on as many people do feel uncomfortable changing in dressing rooms as not everybody likes getting undressed anywhere but their own home.

The Smart Mirrors will not only let the customers try on costumes virtually but will let us give the full inventory access to the customers at one point, get try-on analytics for better stocking and various other advantages like cross-selling and up-sell to increase sales.

Dean Salakas  |   Linked In  Chief Party Dude at The Party People


Runaway is one of the first to trial this new model of smart mirrors, its unique and innovative technology has provided an exciting experience for shoppers. As the e-commerce sphere grows, we see more consumers shifting to the web. After all this, there remains a gap in the customer experience satisfaction, the need for instant gratification. For sizing and fitting, there is a need to visualise, try before you buy and commit to a product and the ShopExp Mirror works towards eliminating these issues and so far, has elevated the Runaway Pop-up far above its counterparts.

“In my view is see the inclusion of technology like ShopExp  smart mirrors inevitable, we are always looking for new ways to delight and engage our audience the ShopExp virtual try on has provided just that

Dominique Parisi  |   Linked In Director,  Adornment Studio Sydney

Pop-Up Store Manager, Runaway the Label