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10 Reasons Why In-Store Digital Technology Helps Fashion Retailers Improve Customer Satisfaction

1. Digital Technology and Customer Satisfaction Go Hand-in-Hand for Fashion Retailers With online shopping adversely affecting footfall in fashion stores, retailers are working harder than ever to get customers back to where they want them.  In-store.  And while consumers still enjoy a trip to the local town or retail park, the convenience of internet shopping [...]

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How Stores Are Using Digital Technologies to Drive Foot Traffic In-Stores

Incorporating Digital Inside Your Store With high street shops often losing out to online business, retail establishments are having to work harder than ever to entice their customers back to stores. But with some clever thinking and the introduction of new digital technology, it may be easier than you think to get the consumers through [...]

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Are Retailers Giving Their Customers True Omnichannel Experience?

How to Give Your Customers a True Omnichannel Experience The digital marketplace has evolved to such an extent that brands now need to offer consistency across all platforms.  Whether through social media, via e-commerce or in-store, the need to provide an omnichannel experience is critical to modern brand survival.  That could primarily be because there [...]

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